Grow Your Own Creative Community

Sessionwire DAW Support

Build a worldwide creative network of collaborators and add them to your Connections list where you can see someone's status at a glance and easily send them a message or start a call.

Sessionchat let's you keep a conversation going even if your contact is not online. You can even create Groups for projects or other team chats.

Claim Your Own Private Studio

Stake your claim online with a personalized Studio URL that you can share with your collaborators when it's time to connect for a writing session. Guests don't require an account and they can join using any Chromium based browser (Chrome, Brave, Edge). Full privacy is assured by the optional 'Knock to Enter' and 'Do Not Disturb' controls.

Sessionwire DAW Support

Share Your Ideas with Studio Quality Sound

Sessionwire DAW Support

Sessionwire gives you two separate audio channels for each caller, one for voice and one for stereo music. You can communcicate with both words and music in realtime just like you would if you were in the same room. Our industry first Automute system takes care of muting microphones when you are using open speakers to playback sound ensuring that you have the best listening experience possible while you're creating your masterpiece.

Swap Files with Writing Partners - Drag and Drop

Your Studio's file transfer system allows you to send and receive large files directly between the writers in your active session. Transfer is encrypted and files travel directly between the connected computers without ever touching a server in the cloud. You can send audio files, PDFs, or entire DAW sessions, if they are zipped up into a single file.

Sessionwire DAW Support

Record Your Sessions and Retain the Creative Spark

Sessionwire DAW Support

When you start a session you have the ability to record the video, voice of your session directly to your computer's hard drive. This is a great way to make sure nothing gets lost after a productive writing session. HQ Audio recording to a separate PCM .wav file is coming soon!

You can easily share the files with your collaborators and document the entire creative process session by session.