Create and Collaborate From Anywhere in the World

Announcing the All-New Sessionwire Studio

The all-new Sessionwire Studio is a powerhouse creative
communication suite for your production team featuring
live video and studio quality HQ Audio

A music industry alternative to Zoom

Sessionwire Studio is tailored specifically
for music creation and production.

Connect your studio to the world

Ditch Zoom
Get a Room

Sessionwire Studio is a communications platform built specifically for musicians, songwriters and producers.
Forget about using multiple apps like Zoom, Slack and DropBox for your sessions. You can enjoy live video, voice, text, file transfer, storage and HQ Audio all in one integrated environment.
With Sessionwire Studio you get your own private online studio that will keep you connected so you can focus on what you do best!

Take your studio with you

Use the tools you know and love

Conduct sessions from the comfort of your own room with video and voice quality that’s far superior to Zoom or Google Meet. Use your own gear and your favorite DAW to connect live with others using our industry-first, discrete Talkback and HQ Audio channels.

What industry professionals are saying

In their own words...

Experience the 'behind the glass' feeling with creative collaborators located anywhere in the world

Share and receive instant feedback on all of your projects

Make real-time creative decisions with your clients and co-creators. Reclaim the vibe and immediacy of being in the same room regardless of distance or time zone.

Claim your online studio URL today!

Choose a plan that's right
for you

Paid subscriptions come with a 7 day free trial.


Studio Free

$ 0
/ month
  • The perfect way to get started building your network.
  • Live voice, video and HQ Audio
  • Personal studio with static URL
  • Send invite links to guests
  • Find collaborators with Discover
  • Screen sharing and in-call chat

Studio Basic

$ 9
/ month
  • Add more collaborators and Producer control to your sessions.
  • Up to four collaborators
  • Producer role with Cloud Control
  • Video & voice session recording
  • Sessionchat messaging
  • Encrypted, direct file transfer


$ 29
/ month
  • The best choice for serious producers and engineers.
  • Up to two hundred collaborators
  • Broadcast links to share sessions
  • 3 concurrent HQ Audio streams
  • Sessionchat messaging groups
  • Optional 1080p video resolution

Sessionwire Basic

$ 99
/ year
  • The perfect way to get started building your network.
  • Browser-based connection for two
  • Sessionchat messaging
  • Live voice, video, HQ Audio
  • Personal studio with static URL
  • Invite guest with a browser link
  • High resolution screen sharing
  • Basic Talkback Automute

Sessionwire Studio

$ 299
/ year
  • Advanced features, broadcasting and more collaborators in your sessions.
  • Session calls with up to 200 people
  • Broadcast links for live streams
  • 1080p video option
  • 400kbps HQ Audio option
  • Advanced Talkback Automute
  • Screen recording/Screenshare
  • Remote management of guests

Sessionwire Connect

Please Contact Us
  • Embed Sessionwire directly into your own website or web app with our custom API.
  • Web-based interface
  • Easily added to your site or app
  • Multiple billing options
  • Manage your members directly
  • Role-based control of features
  • Premium Support
  • Connecto to Sessionwire Plugins
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Studio Free

Studio Basic


Browser-based platform - no download required

macOS & Windows plugins (AU, AAX, VST3) - download required

Send and Receive Talkback DAW plugins with Automute

Full-featured video conferencing with screen sharing, and in-call chat

Background blur and background image replacement

Encrypted Talkback (mono) & HQ Audio (stereo) streams with separate I/O

Level and mute control for each caller's Talkback & HQ Audio stream

Reusable URL for your private, personal Studio

'Knock to Enter' & 'Do Not Disturb' features for privacy

One-click access for clients and guests using a simple link

Send email invitations to clients and guests right from your Studio

Connections list with online status indicators and call buttons

‘Discover’ - member profile search engine

In-call feature upgrade when called by another member with premium features

Dynamic alerts and notifications for connection requests, calls etc.

Email alerts to you inbox for connection requests

Realtime network performance statistics while in a Session call

Chat Bot and Knowledge Base access

Sessionchat: persistent, channelized messaging (like Slack)

Producer Cloud Control: Video, Talkback, HQ Audio mute of connected callers

Direct, encrypted, peer-to-peer file transfer

Bi-directional HQ audio

Session voice and video recording

Generate Broadcast links for an audience

Create and manage Sessionchat group conversations

Total number of Session call participants




Video resolution




Screen sharing resolution




Concurrent HQ Audio streams between connected callers


1 assignable

3 assignable

Connection request access in Discover search results


Free & Basic


Premium help and support services

Chat & Email

Trusted by studios

all over the world

Have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with the Sessionwire Studio Free plan?

The Free plan lets you get a taste of the Sessionwire Studio experience by connecting you and one other collaborator. You can enjoy video, in-call text chat and a one-way HQ Audio connection originating from the caller.

Is there a free trial for the premium Sessionwire Studio subscriptions?

Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial with all of our paid subscriptions so you can try out the premium features of Sessionwire Studio. If you decide not to continue with a paid subscription you can easily revert to the Free plan.

Does Sessionwire work in all web browsers?

Sessionwire is tested and fully functional when using either Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Arc desktop browsers. Due to limitations inherent in Safari and Firefox desktop browsers, functionality is currently limited. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for more information.

How can I get help setting up Sessionwire Studio?

Support level varies depending on your subscription. The Free and Basic plans provide chat bot support and access to the Sessionwire Knowledge Base. The Sessionwire Studio plan has additional human chat and email support.

Does everyone on a call have to have a paid subscription to access the premium features?

No they don't! Sessionwire automatically sets the available feature set to the caller's subscription level. Premium subscribers enjoy the features they pay for with everyone they connect with.

Does everyone on a call have to sign up for an account?

No, they don't! Sessionwire lets you invite participants by sharing a link to your studio. Guests can click on the link you provide and easily join a Session call without registering for an account using any supported web browser.

Can Sessionwire Studio really replace Zoom?

For most applications, yes! Many Sessionwire members have teams that use Sessionwire Studio for remote communication, production, and education instead of Zoom. You'll find support for all of the most useful Zoom features and a whole lot more!