Quickstart Guide

Quick Start Guide

Step 01 - Registration

Open your browser and navigate to community.sessionwire.com


Register with your primary email address and select “Get Started”.


Fill out your details and select continue.

If you have a promo code or a Sessionpass

Redeem a promo code in 4 easy steps!


Step 02 - Create your profile

  • Upload a background image and your profile picture. Background (1000 x 450 pixels) Profile (256 x 256) pixels
Sessionwire Profile Example 1
  • Add your bio, music, videos and links to your social channels.
  • Choose tags to be discovered by other members

Step 03 - Download the software


Click the download button on the right side of the menu bar.

sessionwire device
sessionwire device 2

Select your operating system and your download will begin.

System Recommendations:
Ethernet Connection
Intel Core i5 equivalent or higher
16GB of RAM
macOS 10.13.x (High Sierra) or higher
Windows 10

Step 04 - Install the software

Navigate to your downloads folder and unzip the Sessionwire installer. Launch the Sessionwire Suite Installer package and follow the steps on screen.

sessionwire install

Step 05 - Restart your computer.

After installation you will be prompted to restart your computer. This is essential to complete audio driver initialization before using Sessionwire for the first time.

Step 06 - Launching the Sessionwire application

After reboot, navigate to your Applications (macOS) or Program Files (Windows 10) and open the Sessionwire application. Input your email address and password and click the Sign In button.
sessionwire launch

Step 07 - Adding contacts to your network

Add contacts to your network by typing their display name into the community tab on the right pane of the interface: password and click the Sign In button.
Sessionwire interface
You can also invite someone to use Sessionwire™ via email using the Email Invite tab pictured below

Step 08 - Navigating the interface

Sessionwire Navigation
Sessionwire Navigation
  1. Talkback Mic Button (Toggles mute/unmute)
    Click the drop down button to assign device or plugins for talkback microphone and talkback speaker. Use “T” on your keyboard to toggle on/off state while app is in focus.
  2. Camera Button (Toggles mute/unmute)
    Click the drop down button to assign your camera input source
  3. Screen Share Button (open/close Screen Share window)
  4. HQ Audio Button (Toggles mute/unmute)
    Click the drop down button to assign device or plugins for HQ source and destination. Use “H” on your keyboard to toggle on/off state while app is in focus.
  5. Additional Control
    Coming soon!
  6. Emote/React
    Non-verbal communication through emojis
  7. Call Start/End Button
    Initiate or end session
  8. Sessionview URL Generator
    Click button to generate URL based invite to session.
    Sessionview™ participants can utilize talkback audio, camera and monitor HQ audio from the call host.

  9. Chat
    Coming Soon!

Step 09 - Making a call

Select contact from your network list in the right pane of the application window. Once a contact is selected press the Call Start/Hangup button to begin and end respectively.
Make beautiful music together!

Step 10 - Setup your recording software

Visit our support site for DAW templates and workflow specific tutorials for using Sessionwire™ alongside your favorite software.