AAX Plugin Suite

Sessionwire DAW Support

Send and receive studio quality audio right inside your Pro Tools session using the Sessionwire AAX plugin suite. You can place them anywhere in your signal path giving you the flexibility to meet the needs of any online production task.

Talkback plugins for your voice channel aren't always required but when you need them we've got you covered. We provide three different versions: Send, Receive and a Send/Receive combo plugin that sits on a single audio track.

Deep Routing Integration with Aux I/O

Added for macOS users (Big Sur or later) in Pro Tools 2022.9, Aux I/O allows you to add Core Audio devices to the current Playback Engine, providing you with an easy way to incorporate additional inputs and outputs in your routing scheme. This new feature also opens the door to using Sessionwire directly within your sessions without the need to add any additional plugins.

Sessionwire DAW Support

Get Started Quickly with a Template

Sessionwire DAW Support

Watch an overview video, download templates for various production workflows, access important Pro tools's specific information and more by visiting our knowledge base at support.sessionwire.com/pro-tools.