Audio Units Plugin Suite

Sessionwire DAW Support

Send and receive studio quality audio right inside your Logic Pro session using the Sessionwire Audio Units plugin suite. You can place them anywhere in your signal path giving you the flexibility to meet the needs of any writing or arranging session.

Talkback plugins for your voice are usually not required but when you need them you need them. We provide three different versions: Send, Receive and a Send/Receive combo plugin that sits on a single audio track.

The Creative tools You Need

Alongside the video chat features you've come to rely on and Sessionwire's pristine studio quality audio streaming we've brought together all of the creative tools you need so you can focus on making musical magic with collaborators anywhere in the world.

  • See what other people are seeing with hi-res screen sharing
  • Easily share MIDI and audio files with drag and drop file sharing
  • Send performance notes, ideas, lyrics and links in the downloadable text chat

Sessionwire DAW Support

Get Started Quickly with a Template

Sessionwire DAW Support

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