Lifetime Freedom Sale!

Sessionwire Artist Plan
Lifetime Deal With No Monthly Fees!

No monthly fees. No annual fees. Seriously!
Pay just once, and have unlimited use of the
Sessionwire Artist Plan forever!


This special offer is for our loyal Sessionwire community to say thank you for your support and celebrate this weekend of freedom. From now until July 5, 2022, at midnight, take advantage of this insanely good deal! You get a Lifetime Sessionwire Artist Plan for only $299 Compared to an ongoing subscription of $150 per year.

* Please note, this offer will ONLY be available until Tuesday, July 5th at midnight. If the link does not work it means the offer is taken down. Don’t wait.

The Sessionwire Artist Plan includes:​

  • Low-latency, peer-to-peer connection…
  • Cross-platform send and receive plugins…
  • “Drag and drop” encrypted file transfers
  • High-quality audio and screen sharing…
  • Browser-based guest links for listening sessions…


Get Your Lifetime Code

When you click the button you will be taken
to a checkout page. Lifetime codes are sent out
manually so depending on your time zone,
please allow up to 24 hours for delivery

Collaborate with other musicians right from your DAW of choice – and it’s seamless

In the spirit of July 4th weekend, we’re opening up a very special sale on Sessionwire – our desktop app that gives you a “virtual recording studio” experience. The Sessionwire app allows you to collaborate with other musicians right from your DAW of choice (like ProTools, Logic, and more) 
You can record, review mixes, and produce music just like you were together in a studio.
But it’s 100% remote.
This means you can write music with a composer in Los Angeles…
Record with a guitarist in New York…
and work with a producer in Florida…all without leaving your home or studio.
This is professional freedom that musicians have never had access to before.
Now it’s available to everyone with Sessionwire. Our online community can connect you with other musicians, collaborators, and producers from all over the world.
Sessionwire gives you MORE opportunities than ever to make the music you want, earn a living with music, and maybe get noticed by industry professionals …because producers and artists can find each other and work together independent of geography, timing, and cost.
We want YOU to experience the creative freedom that Sessionwire provides…
So we’re excited to offer a special discount for Canada Day (July 1st) and 4th of July…
For this one-time deal, you can get an exclusive Lifetime License to Sessionwire for just $299
(Normally you’d pay $150 a year, but we wanted to give you a special offer since you’re part of our growing community.)
Obviously, this is a big discount from our normal pricing, so we can only offer this for a short while. Just click below to access the sale before it expires and start creating music with people around the world from your laptop