Tik Tok Sensation SM6 records with Sessionwire

Christine Hass interviews SM6

Christine: Hi, everybody. Thank you for joining us today. I’m Christine Hass here on behalf of Sessionwire. And we’ve got the members of the hit band, SM6 joining us from Chicago today. Hi, everybody.
Band: Hi!
Interviewer: You guys have had a terrific a start in music. And I know your are a family. Tell us just quickly a little bit about your background and how you started and where you got your platform.
Band: Well, yeah, it’s a long, long story, but putting it in the gist of everything we started piano at a very young age. And it kind of the band kind of fell in place because Emily’s always wanted to play drums. I’ve always wanted to play guitar. And so we all branched off into different instruments. And then we kind of decided, you know, we should start a band, we’ve got so many instruments, so it just kind of formed that from there. Yeah.
Christine: And Tik Tok, I understand has been a huge help for you, talk about how many views you’ve had.
Band: Oh my God. It started with this one video, the Don’t Flinch challenge. And that got up to what, 14 million 14 million views on there. And that’s what kind helped launch our whole like TikTok, is that video. And then we just kept we kept making content and then when that video took off, we’re like, we got to get out there and record some music. Yeah. Yeah, because it was like perfect timing, before we knew it we were in Boston recording. Cuz now we actually have people that will listen to our music. We have an audience. Yeah. Yeah. Got to take advantage of it. Got to get that music out.
Christine: And the one thing that you’re dealing with in trying to do this, obviously being new, and as a family trying to really put this together quickly, you’re dealing with COVID. So, talk about how you found Sessionwire and what it was like to produce a recording with Sessionwire?
Band: Well, to be honest, like I thought we were like, I didn’t know I had no idea how we were going to record. I was, I thought it was gonna be extremely complicated. We had to go all the way to Boston, cuz we got a studio out there that we got. And we had a producer, but he’s from Canada. He’s from Canada. Sessionwire was a great way to connect with him and there was really like no difference. I felt like he was just in the studio. It was really, really nice. We could hear each other so like very clearly, too, so like I like we can, I can understand him like very clearly, he can understand he can hear all of our instruments very clearly and see if anything was off or–It was such a lifesaver for everything happening right now with COVID. Like we were able to record, it was so nice.
Interviewer: It’s remarkable how you were able to do that. So, your producer was in Canada, you’re in Boston, and you’re trying to put it all together. And it was easy?
Band: Oh, yeah. It felt like he was like just in the other room actually, just another room we didn’t really know where it was. Yeah, there wasn’t any lag or anything either. So it was just yeah, it was like he was there with us recording. He could pick up every tone like when we were recording like, I was recording my amp and he’s like let’s get a little more crunchier, let’s get it a little more this. Yeah. He was able to pick out the fine details through it, too.
Interviewer: That’s remarkable. What would you say to anybody who says, Okay, another technology, how do I do this? And obviously, just trying to start and getting the traction that you’ve gotten seems pretty overwhelming, it was’nt?
Band: I think this is technology it’s almost a necessity, right now, if you want to record up there, this is something that you you kind of have to do. And it’s easy. It’s almost adapting to your environment right now. And it’s like there’s nothing else you can do right now. So, it was so nice for us because it was able to, we were able to record like a regular environment, but while COVID was going on. While keeping everything safe, which absolutely great.
Interviewer: Yeah. So what would you tell other people who are thinking about using Sessionwire? Because I understand some big, big entertainers are using it right now. It’s pretty exciting.
Band: Yeah, that’s great. Yeah, we definitely recommend it. Oh, yeah. You’d be surprised like I’m not a technology guy. I don’t think anyone here, none of us are. But it’s very easy and it’s definitely worth it. I would definitely invest time in it. Yeah.
Christine: So tell me the next steps for you guys. You’ve got all these views, now what? Have you been getting offers?
Band: Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. No, we’re actually in the plans of recording some new music videos for music we have yet to release. We have from our trip from Boston recording we still have some music that we we have yet to release. And we’re gonna shoot some music videos for those and hopefully, head back and start recording more music for 2021. Yeah.
Christine: And are you thinking it’s gonna be an album and more on social media? Or what do you think of doing with it?
Band: Oh my God. Well, we’re thinking about releasing maybe like an EP. And yeah, and we’re gonna continue posting content and stuff on social media. And we really hope to get music videos for all the new songs as well.
Christine: So exciting to talk with you. I know you have a fantastic producer, Dale, we’ve talked with him as well. He just loves what you guys are doing and sees a bright future and I know everybody else does. We’re going to be following you on Tik Tok and then some.
Band: All right, thank you.
Christine: Thank you so much for joining us today, the great members of SM6 based out of Chicago, follow them on Tik Tok and anywhere on social media. You’re going to be hearing a lot more from them. I’m Chriss Hass, thanks for joining us.

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