VST3 Plugins for Windows

Sessionwire DAW Support

The sessionwire Plugin suite lets you send and receive studio quality audio to collaborators from inside your Cakewalk session. You can place the plugins pretty much anywhere in your signal path so you have the flexibility to handle practically any remote collaboration scenario.

Talkback plugins for your voice channel aren't always required but when you need them we've got you covered. We provide three different versions: Send, Receive and a Send/Receive combo plugin that sits on a single audio track.

Listen Live and Easily Swap Files

Drag and drop files back and forth in a session without time consuming and insecure server uploads and downloads. You can send MIDI, audio or pretty much any file type you'd like. Sending stems, plugin presets, MIDI performances or any other production assets to a collaboration partner has never been easier.

Sessionwire DAW Support