The Best Gifts to Simplify Your Remote Sessions

christmas present for remote recording producers

A few weeks until Christmas, and you haven’t bought a single present. Outside it’s cold, there’s snow a foot high and ice everywhere; inside there’s a warm fire, Christmas cookies and good music. Who would want to go shopping now, anyway?

Not to worry. It’s Sessionwire Santa to the rescue! For all the last-minute shoppers, we’ve got a big sack of Christmas ideas for the remote recording aficionado in your life. These gifts are perfect for those who are travelling for the holidays but still want to be connected and ready to hit record. Order these online and get them shipped straight to their home!


sm57 microphone

As one of the best-selling microphones in the world, nobody’s recording arsenal is complete without an SM57. This cardioid dynamic mic will run you about $100, and in our opinion, it’s well worth it. If the musician in your life is hard of microphones, gets amped up and tosses them around the room, this mic can very likely handle it. Don’t believe us? Check out this video of the SM57 being dropped from the 7th floor of a building. But in all seriousness, this mic isn’t just tough; it’s a world-class piece of equipment.

It is excellent for recording instruments, especially electric guitar. It also excels at spoken word if you get something to handle your plosives like a pop screen.

Audio Technica ATH-M40x Headphones

The M40x headphones are the affordable version of the M50x. At around $150, they’ll do what most casual remote recording artists need them to do. They have a neutral frequency response, they’ll stand up to a decent amount of abuse over time, and they come with a detachable cable. If you are looking for a set of headphones that are going to deliver at an affordable price point, these should be on your short list.

UA Volt

ua volt usb audio interface

The UA Volt is great for the collaborator in your life that loves the classic and modern smooshed together in an affordable package. Universal Audio released the UA Volt series include many of the features and tech from their more expensive, flagship models. Prices range from around $139 to $369, so you’ll find something for any casual recorder in this series.

DP5A 5-Peice Drum Mic Kit

dp5a drum mic kit

No recording kit is complete without the DP5A Mic Kit. These dynamic drum mics can work for both stage and studio, small and large on-the-road recording projects that need professional sound. They come with enough to mic a standard rock kit and are quick and easy to set up. Running around $1,000, they’re worth the investment in quality sound.

PreSonus Revelator

presonus revelator microphone

Show some love to the live streamer in your life with the PreSonus Revelator. This mic will set you back around $140, and it even comes with a few bells and whistles that make it a quality purchase. This mic comes with integrated filters, gates, compressors, EQs and limiters you can apply in real time.

If you need a gift for a podcaster, video game streamer or other remote collaboration activities, the PreSonus should be on your list.

Behringer X32 Mixing Console


Behringer is well-known for collaborating with Midas in their products to bring excellent value to the market. In the Behringer X32, they’ve partnered with Midas and Klark Teknik to create the X32: a compact, affordable and technically-advanced mixer that’s easy to use. The X32 is a 40-input, 25-bus mixing console with programmable Midas preamps, motorized faders, audio interface and iPhone/iPad remote control.  With a price tag of around $2,500, it gives you everything you need on the road at a relatively affordable price.


osbot AI tracking camera

The OSBOT is the perfect gift for the one-man army recordist. This AI-powered, virtual background 4K webcam tracks your movements, keeping you in the center of the frame no matter where you move. It has support for Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as some front and center privacy settings. You can instantly blur your background and comes with a physical privacy cover. No more embarrassing, accidental video switch-ons.

The only drawback to the OSBOT is that they estimate a shipping time of March 2022. In our opinion, it’s worth the wait!

Sessionwire Subscription

For the recording artist that already has everything, Sessionwire’s remote recording app is the perfect gift. Our software is used by some of the most recognized names in the music industry, and it takes the world of audio recording and places it directly at your fingertips. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime and get the lowest possible latency. Create professional recordings, record on your preferred platform, engage with other community members and more. Until January 1st at midnight, get our 1-year plan for just $99.

You Better be Quick!

You only have a few weeks left until you’re too late, so make sure you ask for 3-day shipping. If you miss Christmas, you can try Mariah Carey’s method and just give the gift of your lovely presence, but if you’re anything like us…

No, Mariah Carey. All we want for Christmas is remote recording gear!

Happy Holidays!