Reshaping the Future of Online Music Lessons

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Experience the In-class Feeling From Anywhere in the World

You already know Sessionwire is the premiere application for mixing, mastering and overdubs, but did you know it’s also perfect for music lessons?

At Sessionwire, our goal has always been to build an all-in-one solution to recreate the feeling of being in the recording studio while being physically apart. Due to the flexible nature of our application, it supports several uses beyond the recording studio and music lessons are the perfect example.

The Sessionwire application won the “Best Tools for Schools” award for the “Best Teaching Tools for Advanced Students” from the National Association for Music Merchants (NAMM).

As a company, we are no stranger to the educational side of music. Our COO and Co-founder, Kevin Williams developed British Columbia’s first accredited Audio Engineering and Music Production curriculums.

Just like with remote recording and production, once you remove the geographical barriers from music lessons, the more magic can happen!

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Save massive amounts of time and money

Think about how much time and money you spend commuting to your lessons. By getting rid of the need to travel for both teachers and students, the savings can be huge!

Keep class in session with fewer cancellations

No longer does a student missing the bus, a teacher stuck in traffic or severe weather mean that you must cancel and reschedule your lesson. You keep your schedule intact, and your student’s progression stays on course.

Enhance lessons with more collaboration

Add value to your lessons by introducing your students to musical guests from around the world. What was once a nightmare in terms of cost and logistics, is now a simple process. Gone are the days of having to pay for plane tickets and hotel rooms or taking up days of someone’s busy schedule.

Student Taking Ukulele Lessons Online

Of course, teaching music remotely also has its share of challenges, many of which can be overcome with the help of the right technology.

Poor sound quality is a non-starter

Popular videoconferencing applications such as Zoom and Skype are often used due to their familiarity but are severely lacking when it comes to audio quality. High-quality audio is a must for you to understand how your student is progressing and where any correction is needed. It’s equally important for your students to get the most value out of your instruction.

The fallacy of ‘no latency’

Unlike poor sound quality, latency is, unfortunately, a reality. Due to the laws of physics, it is unavoidable. Jamming or playing along with someone in real-time over the internet is next to impossible. Be wary of applications and solutions that try to sell you the false promise of ‘no latency’.

At Sessionwire, we will never make the claim to have solved the latency issue. The truth is latency is here to stay. Our application promotes workflows that accommodate for this and where there is no perceived latency to the end-user. Remote jamming won’t ever be a reality, but Sessionwire can get you close!

Recreating that in-class feeling

All education is an endeavour of human interaction and music lessons are no exception. You must be able to foster that two-way interaction between yourself and your students that is so critical to the learning process. Keep in mind that meaningful interactions are much more about a shared experience rather than a shared space.

Technology that helps, not hinders

Technology alone does not solve every challenge that comes with online music lessons, but it can play a critical role in most of them. There are a lot of moving parts to teaching music remotely, so look for all-in-one solutions that address most, if not all your challenges. Avoid cobbling together different solutions for high-quality audio, videoconferencing, file transfers, etc.

Connecting teachers and students with Sessionwire

Sessionwire is a tool for musical collaboration.  Whether that collaboration is an engineer and artist listening to a mix review or a teacher giving a student a piano lesson, it is the perfect solution to connect all types of creators around the world.

Experience the difference studio-quality audio makes

Sessionwire provides ultra-low-latency, bi-directional, studio-quality audio. Trusted by some of the top producers, engineers, and musicians worldwide, it delivers the high-quality audio that both teachers and students need to be successful in their online music lessons. It’s something you truly have to hear to believe.

“I was able to monitor through Sessionwire in LA what was happening in Japan while setting up to record a drum kit. Because this is an audio engineering class, we really wanted the high-quality audio in stereo. Sessionwire, with its high-quality audio feature, was perfect for that.”

Kenji Nakai, **Audio Mixer and Educator
**Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duran Duran

Kenji Nakai

Create meaningful interactions from anywhere in the world

Once you have the studio-quality audio checked off your list, you must be able to create those meaningful human interactions that are vital to learning. That’s where videoconferencing enters the picture. Sessionwire has built-in high-definition video and integrated voice chat to allow for smooth and natural conversations.

Streamline your process with an all-in-one solution

Piecing together multiple applications only complicates your workflow. Sessionwire provides everything you need for successful music lessons that recreate the feeling of being in the classroom or studio.

  • Securely transfer your files with drag and drop file sharing.
  • Share your desktop in high-resolution from within the application.
  • Get organized by saving and managing contacts directly in the application.
  • Invite students and special guests to take part in your lessons with high-quality audio and video chat from a web browser.
  • Feel secure with bank-grade encrypted audio and video communication.

Leverage our community to enhance your lessons

As the Sessionwire community grows, your membership becomes more valuable. Producers, engineers, singers, and musicians from all around the world are collaborating with each other. This community can be used to discover new special guests that you can invite to take part in your remote music lessons.

Best of all, it’s free for your students!

Whether you’re teaching multiple students or giving one-on-one lessons, your students can join your lessons using a free Sessionwire Creator account.

From schools and other educational institutions to private instructors, Sessionwire is a great addition for anyone teaching music remotely. The world of remote collaboration is an exciting one and is full of possibilities when the barriers of geography are taken down.

Download the Sessionwire app for free today and take your online music lessons to the next level!