New Music Friday – September 9 2022

New Music Friday - September 9

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Sampa The Great, The Afghan Wigs, Sudan Archives, Built To Spill, and Ozzy Osbourne. Happy listening!

“Let Me Be Great” by Sampa The Great ft. Angélique Kidjo

Album: As Above, So Below


“Sampa the Great’s latest release cements her as someone who ignores any traditional restraints within hip hop. The beautiful blends of genres and crisp production make ‘As Above, So Below’ an enthralling listen, and has Sampa raising the bar for herself once again.”
Clash Music

“A Line Of Shots” by The Afghan Wigs

Album: How Do You Burn?


“Many ‘90s alt-rock heroes have returned to cash a reunion-tour paycheck; a precious few have enjoyed a sustained second act as a recording entity. But the Afghan Whigs of 2022 belong to an even more rarefied realm: a veteran band less interested in living up to expectations than upending them. “

“OMG BRITT” by Sudan Archives

Album: Natural Brown Prom Queen


“Throughout, we hear traces of R&B, hip hop, future bass, Aphex Twin-esque IDM, funk, disco, African rhythms, classical (looped, swirling string riffs are her musical bedrock once again) and full-on trap with booming 808s (“OMG BRITT”). She also has no qualms about taking those elements to bolder, more experimental places — making her even more difficult to categorize than she already was.”

“Rocksteady” by Built to Spill

Album: When the Wind Forgets Your Name


“On the band’s first album of original songs since 2015, Martsch is back, on top of his game throughout When the Wind Forgets Your Name. Whether it was the Brazilian inspiration, Covid isolation, or just plain time for another solid BtS record, Martsch and company deliver.”
Glide Magazine

“Mr Darkness” by Ozzy Osbourne ft. Zakk Wylde

Album: Patient Number 9


“At 73 years old and battling with his health, you might not expect Osbourne to keep that bar particularly high. But, for the most part, ‘Patient Number 9’ does just that – it’s a fizzing piece of hard-rock magic.”

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