New Music Friday – September 30 2022

New Music Friday - September 30

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from björk, Pixies, Slipknot, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Freddie Gibbs. Happy listening!

“ancestress” by björk

Album: Fossora


“Every new Björk album is an intricate exercise in world building and on her tenth record Fossora it’s a place given life through adopting the mushroom as her totem. Its root-like structure – or mycelia – provides a through line for the album that manifests with surprising coherence, warmth and, above all, joy.“
The Line of Best Fit

“Nomatterday” by Pixies

Album: Doggerel


“The haunting howls and invasive guitars of Pixies provided the gateway to grunge in the US in the late 1980s. Now over 30 years later, Doggerel sees the band aiming to offer fans something new with their material; something more conventional, sophisticated and orchestrated. Facets of their endearing original sound still remain. But as with any band that’s inevitably ageing, two paths present themselves: evolution, or comfortable mediocrity. Thankfully, Doggerel doesn’t fall into the latter.”
The Skinny

“Heirloom” by Slipknot

Album: The End, So Far


“Their seventh LP marks the band’s last album on Roadrunner Records, the rock label that has been home to the masked menaces since 1999, when they first started scaring parents and huffing jars full of dead crows with their brutally game-changing self-titled debut. This record is about so much more about the end of a contract, but the band also aren’t finally caving to the split rumours that have always dogged them.”

“Burning” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Album: Cool It Down


“Cool It Down is the sound of the band maturing elegantly without losing any of their creative fire. Perhaps because each member has been busy with solo projects, it’s hard to believe this album marks their first new material for nine years (since 2013’s Mosquito).”
Under the Radar

“Space Rabbit” by Freddie Gibbs

Album: $oul $old $eparately


“A brilliant, ballsy move, it transplants his hood raps – the in-jokes, the lifestyle references – within a much broader format, essentially allowing Freddie to remain Freddie, but in a different landscape. Opening out his sound, the production moves from arena levels to something more intimate, a sonic palette that seeks out renewed nuance in his work.”
Clash Music

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