New Music Friday – October 7 2022

New Music Friday - October 7

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Alvvays, Broken Bells, Charlie Puth, Courtney Marie Andrews, and Sorry. Happy listening!

“After The Earthquake” by Alvvays

Album: Blue Rev


Blue Rev careens between the sublime and the extremely sick, soothing one moment and whipping you back against your seat the next. It is cool and righteous, it makes you feel cool and righteous, you hope that when other people hear it they feel cool and righteous. This is the old currency of pop music, and Blue Rev makes it feel new again.“

“One Night” by Broken Bells

Album: Into The Blue


“When two well-established artists come together and put their egos aside for the sake of the music, you get Broken Bells. The consistently heart-wrenching lyrics of Mercer combined with Danger Mouse’s ability to craft luxurious instrumentals give Into The Blue its colorful personality. Within the 40-minute run-time of the album, the duo explores new territory while Mercer’s poetic songwriting keeps Danger Mouse’s spaced-out instrumentals grounded.”
Glide Magazine

“Loser” by Charlie Puth



“An album that turns a sound into a physical being, CHARLIE is packed full of personality and heart. Drawing on Puth’s first-hand experience of relationship breakups in both love and life, the album delivers a rejuvenated artist, freed of the shackles of expectations and no longer trying to be the ‘cool guy’. It’s just Charlie Puth”
The Line of Best Fit

“Thinkin’ On You” by Courtney Marie Andrews

Album: Loose Future


“Many ears might find difficulty adjusting to the bright, blissful sound of Courtney Marie Andrews on her newest effort, Loose Future. It’s the fourth album for the Grammy-nominated and highly acclaimed singer-songwriter who had floored us with her achingly vulnerable, soaring gospel-soul vocals on her previous two albums. Rarely had anyone sung about pain and heartbreak and made it sound devastatingly beautiful in the process”
Glide Magazine

“Closer” by Sorry

Album: Anywhere But Here


“Sorry are a band who rarely stick to one lane. While their sound is distinctive they never settle for one style or genre, instead they take inspiration from a myriad of sounds which culminates in a incredibly diverse palette of music. ‘Anywhere But Here’ is a record that journeys through indie, noise rock, post punk, lo-fi and even electronica, delivering an exceptional second full length effort..”
Clash Music

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