New Music Friday – October 14 2022

New Music Friday - October 14

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Red Hot Chili Peppers, The 1975, Plains, Tove Lo, and Wild Pink. Happy listening!

“Afterlife” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Album: Return of the Dream Canteen


“Six months after the band released the weighty Unlimited Love comes the follow-up: the equally expansive Return of the Dream Canteen. The band’s recording sessions with producer Rick Rubin seem fruitful. Not only is the new album 17 tracks long, but most are in the four- to five-minute range. That’s more than 75 minutes of music; quite an impressive feat no matter which way you slice it.“
Riff Magazine

“Oh Caroline” by The 1975

Album: Being Funny In A Forgein Language


“Combining the band’s slightly sidelined knack for writing huge, immediately memorable pop bangers with the more complex, neurotic lyrical voice of The 1975’s more recent releases, ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’ feels like the right next step after pushing experimental excess to its logical conclusion, and is comparatively lean with just eleven tracks to its name. The 1975: At Their Very Best – the lofty, and slightly tongue-in-cheek title they’ve given to their upcoming tour – might be infuriatingly, brilliantly cocky, but let’s face facts: it’s also pretty accurate.”

“I Walked With You A Ways” by Plains

Album: I Walked With You A Ways


“The swapping of leads with both voices joining on choruses is wonderfully executed, the songs float and swoop with the nervous anticipation that comes with looking forward to better days and the backing musicians add just enough weight to keep it all grounded. It’s an unexpected gem and, according to the notes, one that’s not likely to be repeated after the follow-up tour. Hopefully, Plains will rethink that decision. This is too special to relegate it to a sole release.”
American Songwriter

“Grapefruit” by Tove Lo

Album: Dirt Femme


“Without a doubt, the most consistent artist I know is the Swedish dark electro-pop connoisseur, never afraid to embrace sexuality, playfulness, and sophisticated writing on each of her albums. With the most recent Dirt Femme, she’s taken her sound to new heights. Dirt Femme is sexy, smart, and most importantly; fun. It’s a step up for Tove Lo without losing any of her signature charm, and it might just be her best album yet.”
The Line of Best Fit

“The Grass Widow In The Glass Window” by Wild Pink

Album: ILYSM


“In early 2021 Wild Pink released A Billion Little Lights, an album that announced John Ross as a truly gifted songwriter, one able to contain vast vistas within single songs. Less than 20 months later, the band is back with ILYSM, a collection pushing the boundaries of what constitutes Wild Pink’s sound without completely disassembling what they’ve quietly built over their three previous releases.”
Under the Radar

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