New Music Friday – November 25 2022

New Music Friday - November 25

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Stormzy, Elder, Andrew Wasylyk, Albertine Sarges, and alex wilcox. Happy listening!


Album: This Is What I Mean


“Long-time fans of Stormzy expected a grime-tinted in-your-face project may be disappointed, but for any ‘music’ fan, there is something on this project for everyone. Stormzy’s ability to bend genres at will, all while never losing any of his heart or integrity, is incredibly rare in the current mainstream music climate. ‘This Is What I Mean’ is a low-key affair, downbeat and introspective. The tracks are intimate in theme as well as production, and it might just be Stormzy’s cohesive and coherent project to date. “
Clash Music

“The Purpose” by Elder

Album: Innate Passage


“It is hard to find the right words to properly sum up such a stunning album. ELDER have boldly stepped further than they ever have before and created a confident, assured and captivating album that channels the strangeness of the world and uses it to develop a heart-warmingly positive perspective awash with gorgeous melodies. Innate Passage is simply breathtaking – a beautiful work of art that will delight and empower you.”
Distorted Sound

“Truant In Gossamer” by Andrew Wasylyk

Album: Hearing The Water Before Seeing The Falls


“What’s most striking throughout is Wasylyk’s ability to create lush musical layers and textures in such an understated manner. The album ebbs and flows between dreamlike states and palpable reality.A deeply profound album that’s dense in multitudes, allow yourself the time and patience to bask in Andrew Wasylyk’s latest compelling body of work.“
The Skinny

“Hold On” by Albertine Sarges

Album: Family of Things


“Family of Things is a beautifully literal album about addiction and hope, but explored with a refreshingly comedic edge. Through her perky lyrics and parading basslines, Sarges filters out the salt from tears and washes her music in a powerful tide of self-acceptance. Social commentary just got fun.”
The Line of Best Fit

“always” by alex wilcox

Album: always


“deep down the rabbit hole you’ll find alex wilcox in a hurry. not without a healthy dose of irony he debuts on трип with 6 razor sharp high octane minimal bangers. grabbing your attention straight away these fast paced perky tracks cut with a precision of a surgeon will turn every dancefloor into a giant sonic worm hole.“

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