New Music Friday – November 11 2022

New Music Friday - November 11

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Bruce Springsteen, Louis Tomlinson, Christine and the Queens, Gold Panda, and Lyrics Born. Happy listening!

“Turn Back the Hands of Time” by Bruce Springsteen

Album: Only the Strong Survive


“Bruce’s new album is a carefully curated collection of his most loved soul and R&B covers which is diversity personified. This isn’t a straightforward ‘best of’ Motown/Stax compilation, it’s an astute sonic journey through a genre that has always resonated with The Boss. This nostalgic recollection focuses on executing the songs from some of the great soul singers which includes Dobie Gray, Jerry Butler, David Ruffin, Roy Orbison, The Commodores and more.“
Clash Music

“Silver Tongues” by Louis Tomlinson

Album: Faith in the Future


“‘Faith In The Future’, his second solo album, marks a loosening up and letting go of that attitude; its creator instead “following my heart musically and seeing where it gets me”, as he told NME earlier this year. Like ‘Walls’, he wears his love for indie on his sleeve here, but allows himself the space to experiment, no longer trying to emulate his heroes.”

“Combien de temps” by Christine and the Queens

Album: Redcar les adorable étoiles


“On his third studio album, Redcar les adorables étoiles (prologue), the artist has flipped the script again. Overtop a lush ’80s-infused palette of creeping synths, drum machines and panoramic soundscapes, he delivers a complex and occasionally challenging project that deconstructs both identity and pop music as a whole.“

“New Days” by Gold Panda

Album: The Work


“His first LP in some six years, ‘The Work’ doesn’t disappoint. A record fuelled by maturity, it grapples with intensely personal themes, while refusing to be hemmed in. A brave and open experience, it stands as one of Gold Panda’s most riveting statements, amplifying his technical virtuosity while also honing in on the glorious melodic jewels that allow his work to linger so strongly in the imagination.”
Clash Music

“Alligator Boots” by Lyrics Born

Album: Vision Board


“Berkley, California hip-hop artist Lyrics Born has been pushing the envelope of the artform for the past 30 years. His vocal delivery is purely one-of-a-kind, his beats are always top notch and overall, his material is groovy & excellent. There’s a certain soulful funkiness within his music and there’s always a conscious message going along with it. It shows a forward-looking approach that’s fueled by the amount of collaboration happening from beginning to end.“
Rock n’ Heavy

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