New Music Friday – June 24 2022

New Music Friday - June 24

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Soccer Mommy, MUNA, Regina Spektor, Lupe Fiasco, and Goose. Happy listening!

“Fire In The Driveway” by Soccer Mommy

Album: Sometimes, Forever


“Sometimes, Forever is at its most engaging when Lopatin’s sound designs appear to be working in sympathy with the grimmer aspects of the lyrics and at odds with Allison’s penchant for a toothsome pop melody.“
The Guardian

“What I Want” by MUNA

Album: Muna


“By now, it should be clear that this lot know how to pen a whopper of a pop anthem – that remains apparent here – but more crucially ‘MUNA’ also serves as solid evidence of a band with many more chapters of evolution up their sleeves yet.”

“Raindrops” by Regina Spektor

Album: Home, Before, and After


“Whether she’s swimming around in theories about space and time, or just riffing on a few scales to make a love song, Spektor’s words and melodies on Home, before and after are a dazzling delight.”
Paste Magazine

“AUTOBOTO” by Lupe Fiasco

Album: Drill Music In Zion


“With a strong religious undertone in his lyrics and message, Lupe takes us to church in his first album since the release of ‘Drogas Wave’ in 2018. The 10 track album is opened by ‘The LION’S DEEN’ a monologue by Ayesha Jaco, backed by padded synths and a melodic lead guitar that touches on the spiritual.”
Clash Magazine

“Hot Tea” by Goose

Album: Dripfield


“While their first two studio albums were good-enough collections of songs written to sound even better live, Dripfield is being positioned as Goose’s first real album: an introductory statement to coincide with their relentless touring and mainstream breakthrough. Right away, you can hear what makes Goose different from their contemporaries.”

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