New Music Friday – June 17 2022

New Music Friday - June 17

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Alanis Morissette, FOALS, Bartees Strange, Logic, and Hercules & Love Affair. Happy listening!

“space - pause on violence” by Alanis Morissette

Album: the storm before the calm


“Across its 11 tracks, ‘the storm before the calm’ invites listeners on an introspective journey. The record is claustrophobic in a sense, but in the best way possible. It traps listeners in whilst still allowing for moments of concord and tranquillity.“
Clash Music

“Wild Green” by FOALS

Album: Life Is Yours


“With both these lyrical and sonic accomplishments, Foals have created a fine record with a very solidified sound that will be the soundtrack for the summer.“
Clash Music

“Mulholland Dr” by Bartees Strange

Album: Farm to Table


“Strange proves on Farm to Table that in refusing to sit still long enough to be pigeonholed, he’s looking to heft a glass of something sweeter than what’s historically been on offer.”
Under The Radar

“Ten Years” by Logic ft. Royce Da 5’9”

Album: Vinyl Days


“Logic’s second album since his return from retirement has arrived. The stacked, 30 track album is titled Vinyl Days and sees Logic return to an more nostalgic vibe across his verse’s.”

“Dissociation” by Hercules & Love Affair

Album: In Amber


“On In Amber, Butler may have found a handful more peaks and his share of valleys, but few can emerge from the shadow of what came before.”

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