New Music Friday – December 2 2022

New Music Friday - December 2

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Metro Boomin, White Lung, Leftfield, NOFX, and half·alive. Happy listening!

“Creepin’” by Metro Boomin Ft. The Weeknd & 21 Savage

Album: Heroes & Villains


“Metro Boomin is one of the most influential producers in Stateside hip-hop, constructing an epic, trap-indebted sound that took his music in darker directions. 2018’s ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’ displayed his breadth, even if the results were uneven. Aptly titled follow-up ‘HEROES & VILLAINS’ levels up once more, and while the record can be scattergun at times it’s a bold work of sonic largesse.“
Clash Music

“If You’re Gone” by White Lung

Album: Premonition


“Premonition’s cavernous, arena-ready production is a holdover from White Lung’s previous album, but the results are even moodier and more anthemic this time around. Synthesizers enhance the songs’ withering hooks, adding an extra emotional dimension to the band’s deceptively straightforward aural assault.”
Slant Magazine

“Full Way Round” by Leftfield Ft. Grian Chatten

Album: This Is What We Do


“Created and sculpted as a reaction to the Covid pandemic and to Barnes’ cancer diagnosis in 2021 (thankfully now in remission), This Is What We Do is both incendiary and visceral, yet emotive and diverse, subtly bringing together a range of influences and vintage sounds with banging beats and a sense of dancefloor release. In fact, it’s just what we could all do with right now.“
The Arts Desk

“Punk Rock Cliche” by NOFX

Album: Double Album


“Turns out, there were more songs recorded for 2021’s Single Album that the band didn’t feel made the cut, but now we can all enjoy them on the comedically titled Double Album. Mike (Mike Burkett) has lamented how he felt many of these songs weren’t up to the band’s quality of standard, but he was wrong—that couldn’t be further from the truth.”
Riff Magazine

“Nobody” by half·alive

Album: Conditions Of A Punk


“Often utilising frontman Josh Taylor’s film school credentials, the band have a theatrical quality to both their shows and their sound, with Taylor frequently making use of high-pitched wailing beneath a swirling mass of strings and synths. Indeed, their latest album might be called Conditions of a Punk, but in truth it’s more of what you’d expect from the Long Beach, California trio: often emotional, and even intricate, but rarely gritty.“

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