New Music Friday – August 19 2022

New Music Friday - August 19

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Demi Lovato, Cass McCombs, Oneida, Panic! At The Disco, and Phoebe Green. Happy listening!

“FREAK” by Demi Lovato ft. YungBlud



“If ‘Holy Fvck’ is a funeral for Lovato’s pop music, it also marks a new beginning, with an artist reborn. As the musician explores this ferocious sonic world and celebrating her musical roots, it’s the start of a bold new era.”

“Krakatau” by Cass McCombs

Album: Heartmind


“Deceptive in its superficial simplicity, Heartmind is an album that demands, then requites, love and attention. It’s at times evasive, often ambiguous, always sophisticated, and never much less than compelling. For those willing to dedicate their time to exploring its shadowy riches, it’s a gratifying if elusory pleasure.“
Under The Radar

“Beat Me To The Punch” by Oneida

Album: Success


Success is Oneida’s first album since 2018’s sprawling Romance, capping the longest gap in their catalog. Unfussy, fun, and occasionally even funny, it is also their most purely pleasurable album in nearly two decades. On Success, Oneida get back to the very basics of being a rock band, just buttressed by the experience and finesse of exploring some of rock’s wildest reaches since the late ’90s.“

“Sad Clown” by Panic! At The Disco

Album: Viva Las Vengeance


“Panic! typically strive for precision and polish but with this album recorded live to tape, there’s a ramshackle, anything-could-happen energy. The whole thing sounds like it belongs on a jukebox rather than Spotify, but that doesn’t mean it’s ever predictable, as Panic! strut between the worlds of new wave, rock’n’roll and punk with utmost confidence. If Urie was worried about drastically veering off-track, he never lets it show.”

“Crying In The Club” by Phoebe Green

Album: Chopper


“Becoming known for her uniquely sincere style, Phoebe Green embraces change and the darkest parts of herself in the midst of a slew of industrial synth in new album ‘Lucky Me’. Her sophomore album, she makes it her mission to hold nothing back, interrogating herself, playing prisoner, good cop and bad cop all at once throughout the thirteen track strong release.“
Clash Music

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