New Music Friday – August 12 2022

New Music Friday - August 12

This week’s New Music Friday features new album releases from Danger Mouse & Black Thought, Kasabian, Sylvan Esso, Pale Waves, and Kiwi Jr. Happy listening!

“Strangers” by Danger Mouse & Black Thought ft. A$AP Rocky and Run The Jewels

Album: Cheat Codes


“Danger Mouse and Black Thought remain firmly in their comfort zones, and though the record constantly delights, it rarely surprises. It seems a little churlish, however, to criticise two greats for simply living up to their own high standards. ‘Cheat Codes’ is brilliant.“

“ALCHEMIST” by Kasabian

Album: The Alchemist’s Euphoria


“It’s thrilling stuff but most importantly, with him [Sergio Pizzorno] solely steering the ship, it’s the most authentic this band have sounded in a long time – once again, it feels like they’re capable of going anywhere they want.“
DIY Magazine

“Echo Party” by Sylvan Esso

Album: No Rules Sandy


“Sylvan Esso’s fourth offering doesn’t dwell in solitude, despair, or desire for escape. Instead, it resides in what is left after the darkness clears: tighter connections to the surrounding world and the people who populate it. To borrow Meath and Sanborn’s own words, the album is a bold and defiant example of what could happen when you walk back into the world, ‘wilder and stranger’ than before.“

“Clean” by Pale Waves

Album: Unwanted


“It’s the pacier moments that make up the bulk of the highlights, but there are other areas of interest. Unwanted seems determined to be lots of different things to different people, ticking boxes left, right and centre in a way that seems ambitious rather than cynical, while mostly delivering on its multitude of promises.”

“The Sound of Music” by Kiwi Jr.

Album: Chopper


“There aren’t many surprises in the album’s 37-minute runtime that will rope in the unconverted. But for those who can’t get enough of it, Kiwi Jr. are doing this kind of music better than just about anybody right now, and with Chopper, Gaudet and the rest of the band justify their standing amongst their influences.“
Paste Magazine

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